9900-1BC Batch Controller System

The Signet 9900-1BC Batch Controller System provides control capability and process fine-tuning in a familiar package. The programming interface uses a four-button keypad and an intuitive menu for adjusting a batching system to the best performance possible. Choose between simple or advanced modes. In simple mode, relay outputs can be used for batching, external counter, missing signal alarm and 4 to 20 mA output can be used to indicate batch status. In advanced mode, relays can also be used for end of batch pulse, two-stage shutdown, overrun alarm, high flow detection, total volume or source volume alarm.

Designed for a variety of batch applications, the 9900-1BC Batch Controller System can save up to 10 batch sizes for batching or blending a variety of liquid volumes. Customize batch names for easy distinction between batches. One K-Factor can be used for all batches, or use a different K-Factor for each batch for when different liquids are batched. The user can choose to be prompted prior to starting a batch with a Yes/No or with a password to prevent inadvertently starting a batch.

The 9900-1BC Batch Controller System operates on 10.8 to 35.2 VDC, regulated. Connect a remote start or stop switch for remote batch control. Use the end-of-batch pulse to trigger the next step in the process.