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Pioneering – Innovating – Adapting

Established in 2014, TCG is currently one of the leading companies in Vietnam, in the field of providing pipeline solutions and CPVC materials. Develop the market with 3 brands – FlowGuard, Corzan and BlazeMaster. Proudly providing dozens of projects spanning across three regions of the country with key national and international projects. TCG is proud to contribute significantly to helping Vietnam keep up with the development of technology in the pipeline field.

The first unit in the world to advise on solutions and provide Corzan CPVC products for kitchen drainage systems

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The first unit in Vietnam to advise on solutions and provide CPVC Flowguard products for Onsen hot mineral water supply systems.

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CPVC Corzan distributor has Lubriroz’s largest revenue in Southeast Asia in 2022

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TCG achievements

We have provided

150 km

Corzan Pipeline

60 km

FlowGuard and Thermal Guard piping

Partners customers


Vietnamese and international customer partners

34 Implementation Projects


Industrial project


Hotel project




Onsen resort project


Restaurant & entertainment project

Our Mission

Ensuring quality from raw materials to finished products. Not only consulting solutions but also training on installation and product delivery to customers

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