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CPVC Corzan

Material & Piping solution

Corzan® CPVC technology represents the highest standards of product quality and performance for construction professionals, engineers and plumbers.

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CPVC BalzeMaster

Fire Protection Systems

The BlazeMaster® Fire Protection System is specifically designed to ensure protection for people and property worldwide. Our combination of detailed training and on-site support has made it the most specified system of its kind.

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CPVC FlowGuard

Plumping Systems

FlowGuard® pipes and fittings are developed from Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) as a strong and reliable plumbing material. Quick installation and long-term durability have quickly increased the popularity of FlowGuard® CPVC solutions

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TCG provides plastic products from PVC, CPVC and ABS to PVDF and PE. From environments and engagement tools to the largest domestic and international projects