Corzan® CPVC vs. Other Materials

No material will ever be a one-size-fits-all solution. But Corzan CPVC has emerged as the material of choice for many environments that handle corrosive and caustic materials.

Corzan CPVC continues to perform reliably overtime, unlike copper and steel, which can corrode, or PEX and PP-R, which can crack after chlorine degradation. It often has a lower total cost of ownership than any other material. And unlike other materials, Corzan CPVC can be installed very fast, alongside existing pipe to minimize downtime, noise and disruption.

Corzan CPVC versus Metal

All too often, system designers default to traditional alloys like carbon or stainless steel or to other metals like copper, due to their inherent strength and their established reputation in both industrial and commercial plumbing. But misapplication of metallic materials can shorten service life and require regular replacement costs.

Corzan CPVC is inherently corrosion-resistant, such that a properly specified and installed Corzan CPVC project can have a decades-long service life, compared to corroded metal pipes that may need replaced every few years. And Corzan CPVC can perform under the high pressures and temperatures of metal when properly specified.

Corzan CPVC is also significantly lighter than steel alternatives, meaning it can be transported in fewer loads and installed by fewer contractors, which can result in significant savings, and a safer work environment.

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