Material Tests

As materials science experts, the formulation scientists at Lubrizol are committed to creating compounds that don’t just meet expectations but far exceed them. Corzan® CPVC is rigorously tested both in-house and by third parties to beat industry requirements for resistance to flame and smoke, bursting, flattening and impacts.

Flame/Smoke Tests

The natural properties of Corzan CPVC limit both flammability and smoke production. Corzan CPVC has undergone tests that demonstrate exceptional resistance to burning, flame-spread and smoke generation, as well as low thermal conductivity. Not only does it conduct less heat and produce less smoke than competing materials, Corzan CPVC also has a limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 60% (LOI is defined as the minimum oxygen concentration that is necessary to sustain a stable combustion of the specimen after ignition; the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is 21%), making Corzan CPVC self-extinguishing in normal atmospheric conditions. When exposed to fire, it forms a protective char around the pipe that stays in place without melting and dripping, which could contribute to fire spread.

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