Protect students and staff with fire sprinkler systems in schools

Contrary to common misconceptions, the BlazeMaster® Fire Protection System is not just for residential applications – it is the right choice for any fire rated project according to Vietnamese Code. Male.

Fire safety in schools is important because each year, fires in K-12 schools in the US cause $37 million in property damage, at least one death and 39 injuries, according to data from the United States. National Fire Protection Association. Fire extinguishers are important for school fire safety – but only if someone discovers the fire in time. Fire sprinkler systems work to extinguish a fire before it can spread, even when no one is present. Below are key considerations for choosing a BlazeMaster pipe and mounting system instead of steel pipe for your next school project.

Ideal for new schools or retrofits

BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are a popular choice for new construction as well as retrofits to existing schools. A contractor in Texas was able to beat out the competition by 5 – 10% when bidding on a new school using the BlazeMaster pipe and fitting system. All other contractors bid for the project using steel pipes. There were design changes during the multi-year project and BlazeMaster CPVC proved more adaptable than steel, which required rejection in the field.

The BlazeMaster pipe and fittings system also causes less disruption for retrofits. A large school system in Florida completed a district-wide retrofit that included 13 campuses, each containing about 10 buildings. The contractor was able to complete the project, meeting the tight deadline without disrupting school operations – a challenge because they are essentially always open.

Save installation costs

By using a BlazeMaster fire sprinkler system instead of steel, schools can save up to 30% on installation costs, depending on the type of structure and the amount of materials needed. Main advantages:

Lower material costs. Because BlazeMaster pipe and fittings systems provide smoother pipe surfaces and superior hydraulics compared to steel, designers can often specify smaller diameter – and lower cost – pipes while still ensuring same traffic level.
Easier installation. Schools can save on labor costs, because unlike steel pipe, the BlazeMaster pipe and fittings system is lightweight and flexible to fit into tight spaces and is easy to install using a solvent joining process that helps simplifies installation. One installer can easily complete an entire area of the job site himself using basic hand tools. By comparison, steel requires a large crew, expensive specialized equipment, and off-site fabrication. Installation time can be minimized without having to give
Tools are simpler. Steel pipes require a power source,  an open flame, a wrench, and a threading machine. These expensive tools are often lost or stolen on the job site, which adds to costs. In contrast, no special equipment is required to install a BlazeMaster fire sprinkler system.
Fast on-site fabrication. When design changes are made, the BlazeMaster piping and fittings system can be easily fabricated on-site. By comparison, with steel pipe, parts of the fabrication are often performed offsite, adding cost and time.
No corrosion means lower maintenance costs

With steel pipes, corrosion is inevitable. The combination of water, water treatment chemicals and oxygen can create pinhole leaks in steel fire sprinkler pipes – in some cases, in less than two years – leading to increasing repair costs. increasing. Steel pipes are also susceptible to scaling – minerals build up near fittings and corners. Scaling can restrict the flow of water, or even stop it completely.

In contrast, BlazeMaster CPVC is naturally resistant to corrosion and scaling. If CPVC needs to be replaced or sprinkler heads need to be changed, repairs are simple with minimal disruption. That’s a big advantage over time when you consider that, when installed strictly according to specifications, a BlazeMaster Fire Protection System can provide 50+ years of reliable protection.

There are many other reasons that BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are the right choice for schools, including superior sustainability, less disruptive installation during retrofits and more. To learn more, download CPVC: The Right Choice for School Fire Sprinkler Systems, which provides more detail on the advantages of choosing a BlazeMaster Fire Protection System.

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