CPVC cho hệ thống ống nước

ompared to alternatives.

Pipe Sizing Calculator

Corzan CPVC provides a sizing tool to aid in the specification of a plumbing system. Optimize your design by calculating the best pipe size, number of expansion loops and more.



Get information on specifying Corzan CPVC for plumbing, as well as other helpful design resources and stay up-to-date with design manuals, catalogs, installation guides, data sheets and more from our manufacturing partners: +GF+IPEX and NIBCO.


Correctly specified and installed Corzan Piping Systems are often the superior choice for plumbing projects. It’s lighter and easier to install than metallic alternatives, requiring less time and labor.

Where Corzan CPVC Is Used

Corzan CPVC is an ideal solution for certain plumbing applications like:

Easy Joining with Solvent Cement

Solvent cement welding is the most popular joining method for Corzan Piping Systems. This fast process requires fewer laborers and specialist tools than metal joining methods.

Webinar: Reducing the Risk of Legionella Growth in Piping Systems

Innately resistant to corrosion, pitting and scaling, Corzan CPVC is inhospitable to the growth of Legionella, the bacterium responsible for deadly ailments like Legionnaires’ Disease. Learn how Corzan Piping Systems significantly reduces the health risks common to metallic alternatives.

Corzan Piping Systems are Plenum-Rated

Pipes made of Corzan CPVC are safe to install in plenums, in accordance with ASTM E84. Always install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the applicable code.

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